Chess is a game around which people all around the world have competed in strategic wit throughout the centuries. Its looks have changed over time, but decorativeness has obviously always been a part of chess. One only has to take a look at the 12th century Isle of Lewis or Charlemagne sets to understand that when we speak about chess, we also speak about art.

We at Design Chess respect tradition, true craftsmanship and people who with their uncompromising attitude and great skill make this chess art reality. You can read more about us and our philosophy here.

Some tools of a chess artisan

We are no ordinary chess store. If we offered everything to everyone, we couldn’t concentrate on what we want to concentrate on: chess pieces and chess boards matched to perfection, each individual and unique. Our luxurious products do not come from assembly line and they are not made by robots. Their price is higher because we value true handcraft and the highest possible quality. We believe that in an increasingly throw-away society there is a value to the things that have been manufactured caring about them. Artifacts that are manufactured so that they are still there for our great-grandchildren to bring happiness to.


Even the most splendid product must be sustainably produced. This means taking care of both the environment and human beings. We at Design Chess don’t sell anything, the manufacturing of which would threaten the biodiversity or society. We want to be creating well-being, not destroying it.

The finest materials and the best craftsmanship using ethical working practices do come at a price. This is why our price tag may be somewhat higher than that of some other chess stores.

Luxury is a word that is easy to use. We use it for a reason and are ready to take the responsibility that it brings.

The beauty of our chess products with their lacquered finishes and often reflective surfaces is difficult to capture in photos. We assure that they are even much more striking when seen with your own eyes. Each of our chess pieces and chess boards is perfect to play with and gorgeous to look at.


The authenticity of our products and knowing where they and their materials come from is very important to us. We send a Certificate of Authenticity with every club-size luxury chessmen – printed on a high-quality paper and signed by a representative of our family business. That certificate verifies the materials used as well includes the date of purchase. It also carries the unique Design Chess serial number of the set.

The Dalí Series lacquered ebony piecesEven though our store is located in the internet and we may not be able to see you face-to-face, you, our customer, are never just a number to us. In addition to high quality, our strength is the individual, friendly service that we provide. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any wishes about our store or ask if you have any special requests. We are here for you.


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