A handcrafted chess is a perfect gift for

  • wedding
  • anniversary
  • birthday
  • retirement
  • corporate gift
Chess pieces with a Christmas hat
Chess is an ideal Christmas present

Wooden hardwood chess, with its 32 handcrafted pieces (+2 additional queens) combined with an outstanding board is a timeless and practically eternal gift – when preserved correctly. To give a such gift to someone is a homage to traditional handcraft and artisans making it. In addition to the chess enthusiasts and collectors, chess sets are increasingly popular among ordinary people who know a little chess but appreciate its beauty as decorative piece. Chess can even be a gift for those who even don’t know how to play it.

Chess is the most distinguished of board games. Its history goes back centuries. To be succesful in the game takes intelligence, intuition and creativity. But aesthetics has always been a big part of the game, too.

We always send a Certificate of Authenticity with our luxury chessmen. The sets are identified with a running serial number shown by the signed certificate. Our exceptional 3-year warranty is also transferred to the receiver of the gift.

It is possible to have our products shipped to a different address than the one who pays the purchase. But remember to inform the gift receiver in advance to not make the notification from the courier doesn’t come as a confusing surprise! Also, if shipped outside the EU, the customs may collect the import taxes from the receiver. We recommend shipping the products first to you and giving them to the receiver personally.

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